A Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018- A Good Investment

I wanted to take a moment to talk about this platform called Weathy Affiliate. It’s essentially a platform to help people make a side income or even a full time income online. We’ve all heard about about programs online that offer this as they contain upsells and bogus strategies that don’t actually help us. Instead they make us broker by taking our hard earned money.

Wealthy affiliate is kind of like a breath of sweet fresh air when it come to online scams, let me tell ya why..

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is a program by creators Kyle and Carson, created to help people make money online through picking a niche and creating a website filled with content you create to help others. They rely strongly on helping you make your website useful and encourages you to create great content that people will like to drive traffic and ultimately make sales. One makes sales through affiliate links from different affiliate programs and ads, all of which WA teaches you how to do.

Now if what I’ve said earlier about the creating you own websites scared you a little bit, it shouldnt. Wealthy affiliate was created to make all of that extremely easy. I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate now for almost 2 months and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. The knowlege that I’m getting form this platform is amazing and doesn’t feel scammy at all,

There are so many good thinks that come out of WA including:

  • Amazing training

Kyle is the one you hear in each of the training videos they offer walking you through how to make YOU succesfull. He helps you create  your website which literally takes seconds, helps you structure and post your first blog post and others, helps you sign up for affiliate programs and shows you exactly how to integrate them into your website, how to get you website ranked in google which is HUGE and its easy to do.

You have the ability to choose whatever niche or topic you want your website to be about and this can be anything. Examples include Health, fitness, kids, sports, depression, pets, home, decor, fashion, paper plates, kitchen supplies, rugs, vaccum cleaners YOU NAME IT! Kyle has showed many people with any niche no matter how small successful. There’s proof and sucess stories on the platform!

I’ve been followin the training and I’ve already gotten more than half of my posts ranked in google! This means that google found my Website and content and now my content is displayed for the world to see, visit and interact and possibly buy!

This proves to me that all you have to do is follow the training and you’re headed towards success.

  • Great support

Ok, so asking questions tends to be one of the best things that you can do on this platform because you have the whole community at your fingertips. Not only will Kyle and/ or Carsen answer ANY questions that you may have but any body can and will answer questions. They make it very clear that there are no dumb questions and your helpers are people just like you! People who are making their buisness sucessful as well and who may have gone through the same thing. Everybody is soo sweet and helpful so it is encouraged to ask as many questions as possible when you are stuck.


I haven’t had a question go unanswered yet, and all of questions I’ve asked has at least 5 to 10 people answer. They are very helpful and generally like to see others succeed.

  • Easy to navigate

Wealthy Afilliate is literally a Facebook for affiliate marketers, as I like to call it. It’s familiar setting helps you learn fast about how to find things and access them. Whenever you want to blog on WA platform about your success or whenever you are down and feeling discouraged people encourage or congratulate you. It’s a real close-nit community and is truly one of the best communities I’ve ever been apart of.


I was blown away at how at home i felt when i came on the platform for the first time. And if you have trouble still with navigating , don’t worry. There’s a training vid on exploring WA in your training when you get started!

  •  No experience necessary!

You don’t have to be a techie type person when it comes to WA and your websites, (you can have as many websites as you want). WA is for anyone that wants to earn money online period.

I just wanted to stress again how its SO easy. People like me; young, doesnt know anything about computers and software let alone how to run a website can do it and have done it. There are even elderly people online doing this who don’t know a thing about being a techie person either. You don’t need any experience, everything is as simple as following the training.

  • It’s fun

Building a website and having a small part of the internet that you own is so rewarding and what makes it even better is, you can get paid and literally make as much money as you want. That is fun!

having already accomplished things and feeling good and confident about my online buisness feels great.

  • It’s inexpensive

All other Make money online programs want you to pay a large some of money upfront, like 2-3 grand in order to teach some strategies that may or may not work. Or others reel you in like a fish by promising you can get info for just 30- 40 dollars a month only to upsell you later to pay thousands for the real info to ultimately make big commissions.

I can’t stand that..

Wealthy affiliate cost absolutely nothing to get started. You can sign up for free as a starter member for as long as you want and get access to most of what they have to offer. the training, building your own websites, the hosting and domains, the ability to ask as many questions, pretty much everything you use to be successful online is ALL included.  You don’t have to pay to try it out and its NOT a Free trial. You can have their starter package for as long as you want! and if you want to upgrade to get the rest of what they offer, it cost just $19 for the first month and afterwards it cost $49 every month. Or if you rather pay yearly and save money it’s a one time payment of $359 a year which saves you almost $200!

With Wealthy Affiliate you get all the info and training, you get to take action (building your websites), and you don’t have to pay a single penny to do so unless you want to upgrade just one time for the monthly payment. They let you you know that upfront so you know what to expect.. there are NO UPSELLS standing between you and your success. either $49/ month or $359 upfront to give you every thing I’ve mentioned and more for a chance at financial freedom. I think yes!


My overall take on Wealthy Affiliate

I going to keep investing in Wealthy affiliate, I’m halfway through the training and I’m already getting traffic to my website. Ive been getting feedback on my site and am just getting started late on signing up for affiliate programs. Who knows what would have happened if i started earlier. I probably could have made money by now. But I’m getting traffic and my content is getting ranked just like they said it would in the training which means that when people search my pages they will appear. So I’m thinking it’s a pretty good investment!

I will have another update soon on my progress on at WA. I won’t sugar coat anything, but i really do feel great with this platform! Everything they’ve guaranteed me has proven to pan out and i’m so excited and having a blast!


If you’d like to try Wealthy Affiliate for free, Click here

Have any questions any questions or just want to chat? please leave them down below and I will get back to you!


– In sweet humility



  1. yoguRJ
    July 7, 2018 / 3:39 pm

    Most of the platform only costs money and doesn’t give you anything. But this platform has many features. And it doesn’t cost more. Many programs say that invest 10$ or 20$ to join the program and later there will be no support and nothing.

    But I can see the platform and contact the members inside the platform here for Free for the first 7 days. That’s pretty awesome. Later I can decide whether to continue it or not.
    Thanks, Latiffany.

    • Latiffany
      July 7, 2018 / 3:39 pm

      Yup, Its truly great!

  2. Saurav
    July 10, 2018 / 2:16 pm

    completely agree with what you have to say regarding Wealthy Affiliate. I joined the platform a while ago and since then have found this platform to be unbelievably beneficial. When I had just begun, I did come across several sites which claimed to pay a lot of money but the money that one would have to pay for those is quite surprising. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to everyone now.

    • Latiffany
      July 10, 2018 / 6:22 pm

      Awesome, thanks for reading!

  3. ZEGU
    July 23, 2018 / 2:46 pm

    Thank you so much for your post that has clearly explained what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.
    It seems WA is a one-stop provider where I can get everything I need to build and sustain my internet business.
    Indeed, the Wealthy affiliate is one in a million and not easy to come by in a world now so full of scams.

    • Latiffany
      July 23, 2018 / 2:59 pm

      thanks hun! I aprreciate the feedback. God bless (:

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