Best Ways to Save/ Make Money in College

Best Ways to Save/ Make Money in College

Say you or someone you know is a college student who is not the richest person in the world. Could you probably use some extra money?

I think just about anyone would look into EASY ways of having some extra money in their pocket at the end of the month, right? Well today, I’m here show you things that personally helped me accumulate some extra mula and I think you could benefit from them as well. These ways that are really easy, and you probably over looked them.

Now, this post isnt to show you how to get rich… Well not entirely, but I’ll get in to that a little later in this post. 🙂

Interested? If so, continue reading to discover some of the best ways to save/ make money as a college student.

Turn coins into bills, No coin machine

This first point may seem obvious and maybe dumb to some, but doing this can actually work wonders and you could make nice money from doing this, so bare with me.

Ok.. Do you ever see that lose change on the street that nobody seems to want to claim? That coin on the floor in the grocery store that people keep walking past cause it’s just a penny or a dime? You should really pick that up. It’s money and even though it has very little value, it still adds up.

Let me tell you what I mean..

Do you go to grocery stores or certain work places or establishments a few times a week? Why not turn in your coins at the register at check out? Five pennies make a nickle, so when you have five pennies, ask for that nickel at checkout. Same with nickels and dimes: if you have 2 nickels ask for a dime, five dimes make 2 quarters, 4 quarters makes 1 dollar bill, five 1 dollar bills is a 5 dollar bill.

You could definitely keep going but I usually stop there and I store my five dollar bills away and save it. To me, these five dollar bills are a reminder of this easy accomplishment, and i develop some self control about this money by not spending it. and if I do decide to eventually spend it anytime soon, I dont usually spend it on just anything.

There you have it! No coin machine involved to take some of your money away from you. It’s that easy, but too few people think too much about this.

And dont be shy, cashiers usually dont care to exchange change for more change.

Living with parents

Maybe you are just starting out and you dont know if you should live with your parents and commute or live in the dorms or apartment. But if you are concerned about saving money, living with your parents is probably the best way to go.

This could cut down on the food expenses for you. Maybe even some bills if you are responsible for any at your parents. After all home is where the heart is, its probably where the most money is too 😉 .

Cut fast food

I know this may be easier said than done. I personally cant imagine life without my chicken deluxe at ChickFilA…

Studies show the average college student spends about 36% of there budget on fast food. If this is you, cutting fast food would be a big factor in saving money as its probably where quite a bit of it goes to each month.

Opt for going to the grocery store and buying things you can either cook or just heat up in the microwave if you are not much of a cook. Also, you could always pack your lunch (:

***Earlier I mentioned that this post isnt to show you how to get rich. So far I’ve only mentioned things that could help you accumulate a little more money at the by the end of each month. These next two points definitely have the potential to change your life.

Join affiliate marketing

If you dont know what affiliate marketing is, it is a way to make money online through commissions from various companies.

The process goes as follows: Promote a companies product, get traffic to that product and if the person decides to make a purchase through your affialite link, you get a commission.

Commisions range from 5% to 75%, depending on the company and the product.

The reason I say it has the potential to change your life is because these commisions add up, depending on the amount of traffic the product is exposed to. There are many people, including college students making a full time income doing this. I personally just started and boy am I happy I did, because i am on one of the best platforms there is. (Click here for more details)

and the best part about it is that ANYONE can do it! you dont have to have any experience, you dont have to be a sales person, and you dont need to be a computer wiz.

This is one of the smartest things to get started on while you are young. In just a few years or even months you could be making more money than you could have ever imagined and ultimately set your self up for a money thriving future!


Affiliate marketing brings me to my last point, investing. Here’s a little food for thought, college is more than just overloading yourself with studies so that you can one day work your dream job. It also about taking steps to help you prepare for your future, that includes finantially.

What if the money that you were saving from cutting fast food or the moving in with your parents was put towards something that could make you alot of money? Maybe even more money in a month than what the job you are studying for pays in a year.

Most young people don’t think about investing all because of one phrase that was invented a couple years ago, “YOLO”.

This prompts people not to think about tomorrow much, only today. The thing is is that your future is just as important and decisions you make now definitely affect it. Don’t get me wrong, i think it’s great to have nice thing today, just as long as it won’t affect my tomorrow.

Things are changing, robots are being created, cars might start flying, There is so much that going to happen in the furture and the truth is, Facebook might not be here forever and neither will Snapchat. The U.S. dollar might not even be around for much longer according to some theories, so what will replace these things? These are some of the questions you ask as an investor.

The sooner you learn about this stuff and get on it, the better. (I’ll be posting a blog soley on this in the future to elaborate a little more)


By now I truly hope you have learned some big things and little things on how to save and make money than just begging your parents or taking on another job. You already have a big job, one of the most stressful jobs in the world in my opinion. But having a little extra money in your pocket every month sure helps to cope better (:

If you have any points that you think I may have missed, have any questions or just want to chat please dont hesistate to comment below or shoot me an email at, I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading my post, until next time!

– In sweet humility.





Tips on being a successful college student

Tips on being a successful college student


Aah college, a snippet of real world responsibilities. The place where your credit score is called a GPA and the thought of knowing that whatever major you do now will forever affect the rest of your life, including your happiness.

It’s pretty stressful, and based on the title, I’m betting you want some tips for success in your college journey, or maybe you know someone who might need some extra knowledge in theirs. Regardless, I’m here to help so without further ado, let’s jump into Tips on being a successful college student.

Tip # 1: Choosing the right major

Now this tip is for the freshmen but can definitely apply to upperclassmen thinking about changing their major. Choosing the right major is a crucial step in being successful in your college career because for one- you have to actually be interested and like what you are studying. Taking on a list of college courses that you hate for a major you don’t like is going to make you fatigued and give you a bunch of bad doubts early on. Its important to choose a major that fits you and your personality as this makes it easier for you too enjoy it and have a better chance at succeeding.

If you are stuck on choosing the right majors as you are worried about which would make you successful in terms of money, please keep in mind that a lot of college students choose majors like, doctors or lawyers or something that will make them a lot of money in the long term, without even really thinking the entire process it takes to become one completely through. These students think they’ll be OK but soon realize that later on down the line( for some too late to change majors) that they wish hey hadn’t made that decision. Which leads to realization of wasted time and credits that they shouldn’t have been pursuing in the first place. Let’s not forget about the amount of money wasted as well.

Now I’m not trying to scare you.. The over all goal is that you need to at least like your major. You don’t have to love it, but learning to like it more or ultimately love it is important. After all, You don’t want to spend a great deal of your life doing something you hate.​

Tip # 2: Find tutoring resources/ find other similar majors

Once you have a major you like in mind, which would be the hardest part, there is nothing better than learning more about something you love and having a little help from others to achieve this. My second tip would be to utilize every tutoring resource that you can find. (Now I know you are a college student, so preferably the cheap ones unless you don’t mind spending a pretty penny to get the extra help). Most schools have great free tutoring programs that just might fit your schedule, or why not even make your own study group? the possibilities are endless.

Also, meet others that share this similar major, keep in mind both people who are freshmen and upperclassmen. If you can even find someone who has graduated in your major’s field, this would be even better as they can potentially coach you through this process.

Tip # 3: Ask questions

Now if you are anything like me in school, asking questions could be a bit overwhelming as it meant to me that people were judging me. Especially if I asked to many questions, I just felt like people were mad because I was holding the class up or that they thought that I was slow. So I became hesitant to ask any questions.

If you are this type of person I know its hard but somethings gotta give. Asking questions is very vital to your success so don’t be afraid to ask them! If you feel like you just can’t do it at the moment, you could always see the instructor after to clarify any points but I recommend that you practice asking them in class as it saves you time and to be honest, the only person criticizing you is probably just yourself, the rest of the class could probably care less.

Tip # 4: Live in a place where you’re comfortable

From my experience, this is VERY important. Whether it be in a dorm, an apartment or commuting from the parents, make sure that you are comfortable relaxing and also studying in this particular place. As the atmosphere of your place can definitely affect your mood and attention which can have an impact on your grades.

Some people find they can’t focus too well being with parents, so you may opt for a dorm. Maybe, being in a small space such as a dorm is not for you so maybe you rather commute or you may even have the advantage of getting a bigger space. The goal is just to be comfortable and this may change eventually, which is perfectly fine, just make sure you’re OK with where you are then as well 🙂 .

If you’re in the boat where you don’t have much of a choice where you live, There’s always the library or maybe your workplace that you can go ( as some people find their work place comfortable for them).

Tip # 5: Get involved/ have fun!

Having some time to unwind, let your hair down, is critical and I would’not dare make this blog post only about everything to help you study better. Well, this could make you study better to by taking a break. My last but certainly not least tip for you all is to make sure to join clubs, sororities, attend games, events or whatever your definition of fun is /anything you may be interested in. Make some Saturday nights a family/ friend night and just generally have fun!

nobody wants to be in college and not take the time to enjoy college. If we are the future, then that mean there’s a lot of stress on us, don’t you think? We have to relieve it some way so by all means, go for it!


Now that you have an idea of how to be successful in college I hope you or someone you know have grasped a couple of things that you may have been missing if you’re just starting out, took some notes. These are the things that I have noticed helped me in my college journey and I hope it will help you as well. If you read this and think that I have left anything out that has maybe helped you, feel free to leave me a comment down below. I’ love to hear about it!

– In sweet humility