How to make a Edible Arrangement- For only $20!

​Edible arrangements are really popular but cost a pretty penny. I knew I wanted to get my mom one for mother’s day. It was also the day before mother’s day so I got online and scrolled through different gift options the company had. The cheapest one available was $45 and it consisted of a maybe five different pieces of fruit in a vase with a ribbon tied around it.

At this point knowing how late it was and how desperate I was to get my mom a gift I started to enter my debit card details and send in my order for pickup.

Then I started thinking. It’s just fruit on sticks in a bucket.

No, knowing my mom she’d be happy about the thought but be a little upset about me spending so much money on something I can create in our own kitchen for so much less.

so what did I do next? I researched much like what you did now and found the basics of what I needed, got my booty up and went to our neighborhood Walmart pick up the supplies.

What you will need :

At least 4-5 different fruits. Whatever you or the person you’re giving it to may like ( I chose a pineapple- $2.50, strawberries 1lb- $2.79, a whole cantelope $1.68, and both purple and green grapes, $2.50 get them mixed its cheaper .)

Chocolate chips!! $1.98 ( both milk chocolate and white chocolate, this is of course optional)

– A cute vase or small bucket or pail $3.49

Floral foam (1 cube $2.97)

Flower cookie cutter $.98

– Skewers, $2.52 (a fancy shmancy name for the sticks that stand the fruit up)

$21.41 or less should be what you’re looking at, if u go to Walmart (:

Cut up you’re fruit

Now that you have all of you’re supplies, set aside the non-edible items in you’re bunch, you won’t need those until later. Grab you’re best knife and start cutting! I started with the pineapple since it was the hardest, if want to know to skin a pineapple, Check out this post:

Take you’re skinned pineapple and turn it on it’s side. Take you’re knife and make about five or six even cuts through the pineapple

Next take you’re cookie cutter and place it over each pineapple slice and press down. U should now have 6 flower shaped pineapple slices. Set those aside .

Next, rinse the strawberries off and take you’re knife and cut the tops off of about 7 or 8 of them. You are welcome to do more if you or someone likes strawberries a lot. Set them aside.

Cut the cantelope in half and scoop the seeps out of both of the halves. Next, find a ball scoop and scoop out a handful of cantelope halves and set them aside.

Lastly, rinse the grapes.

Take the block of floral foam and cut it in half stuff one of those halves down into you’re pail, vase or bucket, put down a piece of foil or plastic wrap down over the block.

Decorate with fruit!

Take skewers and stick the pineapple in the side up to the middle into the slice. It should resemble a pineapple lollipop, continue with the rest of the pineapple slices. The take the 3 or 4 strawberries and stick a skewer through where the green leaf used to be until its about in the middle. Don’t stick all the way through. Next take the grapes and stick four green and purple seedless grapes on the skewer and repeat for as many skewers as you would like .( I did 4)

Continue with the last step for chocolate covered strawberries in you’re fruit bouquet.

Heat both white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips in separate microwave bowls until melted, put a strawberry on a skewer and dip the strawberry on its side in the milk chocolate and turn it until the whole strawberries is covered in milk chocolate lay the strawberry on a cookie sheet, foil or saran wrap, what ever you have and do the same for the remainder of the strawberries.

Last step is to take a spoon and dip in into the white chocolate, drizzle the white chocolate over the chocolate strawberry and make a zig zag design on each strawberry. Move this sheet into the freezer and let cool for about 10 minutes

Take the chocolate strawberries out and stick them in between the fruit, distributing them evenly in the bouquet.

And there you have it! You have one beautiful, fancy, tasty bouquet on you’re hands that costed you half of the cheapest one you would pay online! It Didn’t take much time and you don’t have to wait you could do this the morning of or the night before. Just store in you’re fridge til you’re ready to gift it.

I know they’ll love you’re creativity and the effort you put in so give yourself a pat on the back, take pride and lots of pics! (:



  1. June 18, 2018 / 12:55 am

    These are great, and look delicious. I love the idea instead of the traditional flowers and chocolate arrangements. People can get real creative with making these, especially using fruits and berries that are in season.
    I loved how you had a breakdown of all the prices too. Awesome.

    • Latiffany
      June 18, 2018 / 6:40 am

      Thanks Patty! There are great and super easy. 🙂 I’m really crafty so I thought why not! saved me a whole lotta money too, which is a win. I’m glad you liked my post (:

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