I went to the Bahamas with my Mama!- Nassau Bahamas Review

Here’s some exciting news, I went to the Bahamas with my mama! And let me tell ya,

I couldn’t have been more amazed.

I don’t travel much, and my mama decided to treat me to a trip for my 21st birthday this year and my 3 years graduation from my community college. I had so many new experiences underneath my belt by the end of the trip including my first plane ride, first time jet skiing and more!

The beginning

OK so we had to take separate flights to get to the Bahamas because a flight straight there was booked.

We woke up at about 4am to make it on time for our flight to Miami. It was 2 1/2 hours from Houston, and since it was my first flight, I gotta say it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it very much actually as I felt so grown up, it was a full flight but being next to my mom made it easier.

We reached Miami and waited about an hour before our next flight. We got on went up and literally came down in only 30 minutes and we were there! All we needed to do was change our clocks forward an hour set our luggage down safely and enjoy our first time in the Bahamas. yay!

After security again and customs we had to find a taxi. We met a nice bahamian man named Gary who drove us to the resort and who agreed to take us back to the airport on our last day.

Life of the Bahamians

On the way to the resort, we saw a lot of the poverish side of the Bahamas. A lot of torm down houses, old buildings, small two-way crowded streets that needed repair, and so many sharp turns that if you didn’t know where you were going, you were in for a nightmare (I would not feel comfortable driving there).

Gary was explaining to us the cost of living there. If we wanted to get a house there on the wealthier part of the island, the part we hadn’t seen, The cost of living wasn’t that bad. Basically you could make the average persons’ salary here in the U.S. and live pretty well over there. But the cost of gas would make you think otherwise, Gary said it was 5.00 a gallon! We saw and above average number of cars for sale on the side of the road or in lots and figured that was why.

Our entire trip in a nutshell.

Atlantis Paradise Island was our resort and was nothing short of it’s name. The lobby was huge and spacious the ceiling was inscripted with beautiful artwork. We checked in and grabbed an activity sheet that they printed out everyday so the guest could see what highlighted events they had going on the resort, then we headed to the room. There were east tower and a west towers. The Royal The beach the cove the coral. We stayed in “The Royal” in the west tower. It was the tower that connected the 22 thousand a night suite that Oprah and Micheal Jackson would rent when they came to stay with the tower next door. I forget what that one was called. Boy, did I wish we could have a tour of that suite. 

The view from our suite was gorgeous as we awed over it taking pics for a while. We settled in and my mom was pretty tired from the early morning flights so we chilled. She went to sleep I was up making our to do list for the week I studied that activity sheet like nothing else I had ever studied before ( I’m exaggerating of course) and decided which days was best to do what. I then walked around the resort to see what I was a part of.

There was so much to do.

A casino was to the right of the lobby upstairs where you come in and in there were bars, 2 clubs, and bunches of people crowding the tables gambling there butts off. Beyond there was a mall, very high end, and continuing was the marina a place where people docked their beautiful yachts with places to eat, shops for souvenirs and so much more.

There was a nice aquarium that I walked past, ponds and bridges filled with sting rays, turtles and other kinds of water creatures. The scenery was gorgeous, with outdoor seating, pools, water slides and lazy river tubes.

I would take too long to list everything there but almost everything there was family friendly. People looked so happy, all the employees were so ready to help and generally everywhere you looked when you needed them, kids were on cloud nine, parents and older people were sipping fruity alcohol beverages and you know what the best part was? It wasn’t even crowded.

I went back to the room got my mom up and we went to eat in the marina part of the resort at a place right next to the Pirate republic, I forget what it’s called. They had a great burger that me and my mom scarfed down.

The Fun Begins!! Day 2

The next day came and my mom and I were dying to check out the beach, The first thing I noticed was the weather was freaking AWESOME, the highest temperature the entire trip was 82 degrees and the lowest was about 80. And to think it was like this all year round was a big relief from the blazing heat back home in Houston Texas. 

The water was so blue and clear and there was high wind that day so the waves were pretty brutal. It was pretty startling at first because the water was pretty cold but once you were in there, you didn’t want to get out. The waves just took you and you could absolutely float forever.

My mom and I were swearing that the only bit of exercise we would do on the trip was swimming against the waves which was pretty hard work. We kept thinking that if only our phones were waterproof or maybe if we had a waterproof case things would have been even better that day. Needless to say we were determined to find one.

There were people that were jet skiing, banana boating, and parasailing at a distance. There was even a small private wedding going on. The beach was everything I ever wanted and more.

Before we had started our day early at the beach we had made a reservation to do a “Deep Water Dive” swim with the dolphins at 2pm. This is one of a couple experiences your family could have with the dolphins. I love dolphins and had never been near any so this was a must do during our stay.

When we got there we signed in and had to change into tight swim suits and were assigned groups. Then we met a sweet little dolphin. We all took turns taking pics and having the dolphin push us with its nose and hang on to its fin while it brought us back to the group. It was a pretty cool experience, the only thing I had hoped is that it have been a little longer. It lasted about 30 minutes.

That’s all we had planned for that day. We had went to eat outside of the resort today, in a little shack place, called Green Parrot that was a lot cheaper than eating on the island, as anyone could guess. It wasn’t too far, but you would need great directions to find it cause it sure is hidden.

The fish, Conch, seemed to be pretty popular on the island so my mom and I decided to try some conch fritters. It was pretty good and very light. It reminded me of the texture of a funnel cake.

Next we went back to the room and rested for a couple hours and then decided to check out the Atlantis theater which was free. They were showing “Den of thieves” and it was great.

Day 3!!

The next day we ate a light breakfast as we were headed to some water again. We had on different swimsuits and were ready to explore some more. Our task for this day, which was Wednesday, was to try the water park and more of the beach since we fell in love with the beach. We met a bunch of nice families while waiting in some lines for the rides that, remember, weren’t very long because it wasn’t crowded during this time. 

The first ride we went on was a single or double tube ride that took you through the aquarium so you could see the sharks and the other fishes from within!

There was this one ride called the leap of faith that happened to be the type of ride I wasn’t too fond of. you know the kind that that drops you straight down? Yea I swore that I wasn’t going on that thing.

I went on it.

I had to. my mom and I both had to get it out of our systems and to say we AT LEAST tried it. It wasn’t that bad cause it only lasted about 3 to 4 seconds, literally.

After hours at the water park, back to the beach we went and partied some more in the water. Today we rode jet ski’s and it was my first time. My mom drove for the first ten minutes with me holding on and we fell into the water twice. Scared the hell outta me to and All I kept thinking was if something brushes past my toes I might drown.

I love my mom but she couldn’t drive anymore.

I hopped on and my mom hung on and I was pretty slow and safe at first. I found out then how hard it was to drive a jet ski when you’re a beginner. It kept turning by itself and there were plenty of times I felt we were going to fall off again but I was determined that we weren’t. I got the hang of it went a little faster and I really enjoyed it. I feel next time I should be a pro! We got a free ride to do the banana boat and saw Miss Blue Ivy’s beach house that her daddy Jay Z bought for her. Probably to house all of her toys, I assumed. 

We were tired and hungry so we ate some chicken wraps at a place called shark bites near the beach, put on our coveralls and headed to the aquarium!

That in itself was pretty cool we were in awe about all the crazy wildlife underwater. I even got my flirt on with one fish that was eyeing me down, my mother too hehe.(sorry babe!) and that was it! 2 busy days and counting under our belt.

Day 4!!!

Thursday was kinda gloomy but still felt great though. We did some shopping some site seeing, and we went to the Atlantis earth and fire pottery studio to paint ceramics! I love arts and crafts so this was right up my alley, it took up a great deal of our time as we were there for about three hours. It was so fun and very family friendly as well. I painted a starfish and my mother a seahorse. 

After that we were starved and went out for pizza in the marina which at this point I believe seemed to be our favorite place to get food seeing as though we were surrounded by yachts, our favorite thing to talk about at the marina.

Later that night it was back to the movie theater to watch The Commuter with Liam Nessen, excellent movie by the way.

Day 5, Last Day.

To the beach we went and the sun was the brightest it ever was on our trip making the water look exceptionally gorgeous. We spent loads of time here again enjoying every minute, playing and laughing like little 5 year old girls. Trying to take it all in before reality set in back at home. We ate at this place called the Burger Shack and ordered two more burgers that were delicious and then we left to get ready for our flight.

We called Mr. Gary up and in a matter of time it was time to say until next time to the island because were sure to come back again and this time with more family.

My thoughts on the trip?

What a trip I tell ya, all the amazing memories my mother and I have gotten. We were so lucky and blessed to even have witnessed such a beautiful place. I gotta say there wasn’t too many things that I was disappointed about during our stay except the fact that there was an arts and crafts activity only the very last day we were there that we wouldn’t have been able to do because we would leave by the time it opened.


But everything went smoothly and the trip was awesome overall. Like I said before, there was so much more to do other than what I had just mentioned earlier. There are plenty of things for the kids, adults, you could even take a boat to another island. My mom and I were thinking about going to the island of pink sand. Yes, meaning the sand there was literally pink! we didn’t get to do it though because of time. It was like a full day experience and we already had what we wanted to do planned out. 

I strongly recommend this beyond gorgeous place to anyone thinking about going. Bohemians are really nice and helpful and you’ll feel so welcome and at home.

I can guarantee there are plenty of things one can do while you’re there, that you won’t be able to try everything and you’ll never be bored. If you just go for the beach, that in itself would be a trip well worth it!


Have any questions? Have you and your family/ friends been to the Bahamas? Tell me about it down below, let’s chat!



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