My Current Bucket List

Having a bucket list is very important as I believe it gives people an incentive to live their best life. And it’s fun to check things off when you do! A while ago, I created a list a things to help people create a bucket list: What is a bucket list?- How to create a great one today. Today I wanted to share my very own bucket list with you all using these very tips to creating one a pretty cool one, if I’d say so myself.

My Travel plans

Some immediate places I want to go..

To be honest, I could go on and on because I literally want to see the entire world before I die. So I’ll save you the read.

Things I want to own

  • Get my first apartment
  • An amazing watch
  • own my own pharmacy
  • 5 acres of land
  • a new car
  • A Canon EOS Rebel T7i camera
  • A new macbook
  • 2 dogs
  • 1 cat
  • possibly a monkey
  • like a million fish
  • a big tank to hold those fish
  • My dream home
  • 2 bitcoin
  • Jewelry organizer
  • A yacht
  • Wedding ring
  • 2 horses

and its still being written..

Goals/ aspirations

  • graduate from community college
  • graduate from tsu
  • get visitors to this blog
  • make money from this blog
  • get feedback on content from this blog
  • have a person tell me they love my blog
  • get my first apartment
  • finish the full season of “Friends”
  • publish 20 blog posts
  • publish 50 blog posts
  • publish 75 blog posts
  • publish 100 blog posts
  • publish 150 blog posts
  • publish 200 blog posts
  • work with brands
  • travel whenever I want


  • make friends through this blog
  • connect with other bloggers
  • get married
  • have a child, maybe 5
  • spend more time with my family


Fears/ Trials and tribulations

  • overcome my fear of heights
  • learn to not hate possums
  • learn to not procrastinate so much
  • love another dog
  • stay true to making this blog awesome

Religion/ Spiritual goals

  • Find a good church home
  • Get involved in that church

– In sweet humility



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